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About me


Graduated in Visual communication from Paris. Lived between Lebanon and Switzerland. Worked as an artistic director.

Passionate about visuals and graphics!. Always curious about discovering new artists, and essentially, the beauty of artistic initiative and approach.

"Art is a form of therapy…

A way of finding ourselves through the works of others and being able to express what we couldn't, making us feel alive and moving us, reviving our feelings and soul.

" The project ''Les Fleurs du Glam'' is a mixed media of photograms and painting. It's a way of freezing the beauty and delicacy of nature, immortalizing the moment, giving it life again through colors and art. In a way, this process could be interpreted as a metaphor of the cycle of life. From realism to abstraction, this is a poetic vision where dreams meet reality, through the dance of nature. 

A photogram is a cameraless photography. It's magical!





Collective exhibition

Galerie EEEEH!

Place du Marché Nyon

Vernissage le vendredi 17 décembre dès 18h
Exposition du 17 décembre au 23 janvier 2022

Samedi 18 et dimanche 19 de 11h à 15h
Mercredi 22, jeudi 23, mercredi 29, jeudi 30 de 16-19h

Du 3 au 21 janvier ouverture les jeudis et vendredis de 16h à 19h et le samedi de 11h à 15h

Collective  exhibition

6ème Biennale des Artistes de Kugler Geneva

Opening December the 3rd at 6pm

Exhibition from the 3rd to the 19th of  December

Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 to 6pm

Solo exhibition

13 - 27 November 

Opening 13 November starting 6pm

Open from Thursday to Sunday from 3 to 7pm

Usine Kugler 

Rue de la truite 4bis

1205 Geneva

Fonderie Kugler collective exhibitions
Feu Sacré 2019
Utopik Park 2017
Outre-Mer 2015

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